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Let it move you!

Live and Prerecorded Reggaeton / Dance /Zumba classes for all levels in London .

Marina as a dancer

Professional Reggaeton dancer,Teacher,Choreographer

Why Join my classes ?
  • To feel good

  • Improve your dance skills

  • To invoke your feminine essence

  • To burn off these brownies we’ve all been eating with 350-650 calories burned per hour!

  • To improve your coordination and muscular strength.

  • To empower yourself and be part of a community.

There’s something for everyone:
Heading 6



  • Free Taster through my youtube channel

  • to nail these basic steps.


  • Live Classes and workshops


  • On demand package for the busy ones.

  • Dance experiences to make your special day unforgettable.   


Professional Reggaeton dancer ,teacher and choreographer :

  • Music videos.

  • Live shows.

  • Performances.

  • And many more.

Join The Party,
Join The Dance 
What was the experience like ?

"My Zumba ‘Mum’... a quiet but incredibly passionate dancer you can’t help but want to follow..Marina draws you in, gives you the encouragement you need and makes you feel like anything is possible! Creative, fun and sexy, her classes will have you hooked! The happiness and joy I feel when dancing with her lifts me to a new level where I am carefree with not a worry in the world. Thank You Dancing Marina XX "


“So how did it start? I had been going to this gym for a few months and came to notice a specific class where at the end of it I would always see people coming out dripping with sweat, but with the biggest smiles in their face.I said I need to try this out! First class I did I stood in the back feeling super shy and not quite ready, but after came in this sweet and friendly instructor and introduced herself as Marina. From that point onwards I was hooked she is incredible, very talented in what she does and is always a ray of sunshine! The little community she has created specially now during covid has given us a chance to take little break from reality. Definitely would recommend her class if you are looking to sweat but have fun!!”

"If you love dancing, Marina's class is the class you will enjoy. Easy to follow fun steps that not only keep you fit but also makes you want to dance and sweat it out. Marina will always make you feel welcome and she makes sure she says hello to her participants. She inspired me to become an instructor myself. Thank you for your classes. Motivates me to wake up on Sundays and sweat it out!"



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