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Gift your loved ones or yourself with a  dance party experience ,dance classes for adults..

I offer dance experience for birthday party,hen party and team building as well.

I offer part  themed(optional) party dance experience where you can learn new dance moves,dance choreography and part Zumba class, flavoured with latin music.

 Theme options are 80'ies party,tropical/latin,carnival vibes or a traditional zumbaDance Party without accesorize.Boooking is charged per participant £8 or £10  depending on the choice of the party.This is a 1hour Dance experience but i pride myself for being flexible in negotiating what is the request of the group as long as it has been prearranged.:) My classes are a balance between guiding you to learn what`s presented but i genuinely want people to feel the same excitment ,freedom and happiness that i do when dancing and it comes through my teaching and personality.

dancce party.jpg
What is part of the experience?
You will get my attention and encouragement as a professional dance instructor.For those who choose the themed option would get accessorize to wear and keep and add to the fun athmosphere.Group photo,music playlist and a headlining dance moment for the leading lady/guy (optional) are also part of the Party :).
Why Should you choose Dancing?
You would get to celebrate your special occasion in style ,create unforgettable memories while stepping out of your comfort zone,busting some great dance moves having a great time and even improving your health.For team building groups you would develop your team`s coordination,communication and teamwork.Bring Life into your life!
How is it different from other classes?
"I’ve been coming to Marina’s classes for years and honestly the high quality of her classes are what have kept me coming back. If you’re looking for fun, friendship and fitness Marina classes offer all of this. She’s an absolute star and she’ll make you feel like one after her classes."
"She is such a solar girl, she is always creating new routines with different kind of styles, asking us what we like, and making our classes super fun and interactive. On the top of that she always send us good vibes and some inspirations quots every week, empowering ourselves and our dreams!!! She is just so nice!"
"Classes with Marina are great!You dance, you laugh, you sweat and you really have a great time in every single class with her."
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