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Hi :)
Pa la Camara
Mambo Para Bailar
Body Isolation Technique
What is the experience after taking the classes?
" I have such an amazing time in Marina's classes. You come out of them feeling energised and it really lifts your spirits! The classes are so much fun and social. The classes are also great for cardio, they don't even feel like you're working about because of how much fun they are. I always look forward to her classes. Thank you Marina!!! <3 <3 <3
"If your ultimate goal is to lose weight (like mine), then you can do it in Marina’s classes in no time! ..upbeat music, friendly environment, motivation & encouragement...and loads of fun!! More over, you have a feeling of being a part of a family away from home. Thank you for letting me be a part of it! Always counting days for the next class ️️️.<3 <3"
"I love Marina's Zumba classes. Music is great, dances are fantastic and Marina is amazing, she's so friendly and welcoming and very patient. What's not to love. X"
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