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I grew up in Hungary and first got introduced to latin music through the big Reggaeton fever brought to Europe by Daddy Yankee song `Gasolina` then watching `Dirty Dancing 2  Havana Nights `.
Thats when I first realised my passion and enthusiasm for latin music , and as soon as Zumba became accesible in Hungary i started attending classes.Today I am inspired by all type of music and trained in several dance styles( including hiphop,commercial,afro,reggaeton) but this has created the spark in me to decide to pursue this as a career and grown to become a dancer through these experiences.
Not long after i moved to London after tackling a few obstacles  I realised that my purpose is to share that passion with others and decided to get qualified as an instructor which i have been pursuing since 2016.
Eversince my dreams have grown thanks to the love and support i have received from people attending my classes and decided to prioritise dancing over teaching therefore dance related opportunities are what i am working towards .
If You happen to work with me you quick find out that my work ethic and positive attitude will make our work together inspiring, creative yet efficient and that i go in with a full heart with projects that i take upon. Strong believer that the right attitude, passion and hard work are the pillars of accomplishments.
If you happen to come to my classes i want you to feel that I got you,you are encouraged to make mistakes yet your endurance and coordinaton skills will improve while having the best party of your life! You will leave the class by being a better version of yourself each time and it goes so much deeper than just dancing.People don`t realise you are not just working out your body but really working towards a more confident ,grounded,free and happy person.
I am proud to say that the participants in all my classes/events are welcoming new people with such kindness and warmth you will feel like you made a bunch of new friends straight away.
So what are you waiting for?
Let`s get Zumbalicious!  ;)
Whatever it is that you believe your pur
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