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Prerecorded 1hour class

Prerecorded 1hour class

Learn new dance moves, basic steps, dance choreography in the online packages i offer so you could workout in your own time and burn calories. You will have the option to first learn through the online tutorial or go straight with music and dance the time away... Dance Anytime. Step By Step.


Join for cardio blasting dance routines, flavoured with Latin music for all levels and beginners are welcome as well. Zumba is an aerobic workout  divided into different tracks, its a good cardio where you learn dance routines. The overall intensity of a class varies depending on the style you're doing. I have incorporated, reggaeton, soca, salsa, bachata, Brazilian funk and Afro rhythms into my classes so you would get a wide range of styles. Do your best,stay inspired, motivated and enjoy yourself! :)

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