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The vibe:

Passion before Perfection at this encouraging&fun Reggaeton class!


Reggaeton music brings a lot of flavour, so expect those feel good vibes through the music and choreography!


You will learn a Reggaeton choreo created by me to a specific song; many of my choreos have a strong feminine feel - sometimes reflecting my personality.

My class gives an opportunity for non professionals to feel comfortable and for experienced dancers to shine.


Expect Grooves and body isolation in the choreo that will add a variety to your dance vocabulary, regardless of the style of dance you choose to master.

Glow With The Flow
I also teach Zumba !

Zumba is a mixture of empowering dance styles that get you fit as you whine to the best reggaeton , dancehall ,salsa and other rythms.
I am sure the newfound dance moves will keep you working out from studio to the dance floor.
Coordination and endurance are tested to the max.Connect with positive and super friendly people and make new friends. :)

What is the difference between the  Zumba and Reggaeaton Classes?

Zumba is mainly focused on mixing fitness with dancing while during the Reggaeton class we focus on Body Isolation,getting the basics right,performance,choreography.

Both Classes are open to  all levels.

Let it move you!
What to do next?
I would like to invite you to visit my instagram page to see the dates of my workshop/regular classes,drop me a DM if you have more questions :)
Private bookings
Whether it`s because the timetable does not work with your schedule or you have something specific you would like to work on the opportunity for 121 session or private class booking is available.
Multiple sessions prebooked can be used within 12 months.
I Like having a chat before booking so get in touch with me on Instagram!

1hr      £55
2hrs    £77
5hrs    £111

How Did People Feel In Class?
"I went to many Zumba classes in London but each of them was lacking something and wasn't inspiring me to go back.. When I first attended Marina's class at Piccadilly Circus I was so impressed with the sense of community that Marina has created, how talented she is and how much passion and enthusiasm she puts in her classes! Then I found out where else she has classes in London to attend more of them! When I attend her classes I get so much positive energy, feel like a star while burning also good calories and it also gives me a sense of achievement when I see that I get better and better at it. Marina is such an amazing, inspiring ray of sunshine - I am so glad that I discovered her classes! <3"
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